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Bay City Central High School

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3.0 years ago by Matt Reid

Varsity Volleyball 9-6-18 by Nyah Kelpinski


Bay City Central's Varsity Volleyball Team is tough. Very tough individually, and tough as a team; they are very hard to beat. They proved this at Thursday night’s game, September 6, 2018. The Wolves took on Heritage High School at their game opener for the season head.

The game started off a little rough for The Wolves, as the Hawks took the first set. As the next set started, the Wolves started off a little behind and made it seem as though they would gain another loss. Just when the time was right, the Wolves kicked it into gear and started to take action.

With the second and third sets go to, the Wolves gained the upper hand. Heritage however, could still come  back and win the next game resulting in a five set match. The Wolves start the fourth set off and took the upper hand.
As the match went on, the student section began to roar, the excitement and anticipation keep all of them on their toes.

Skylar Coberly went in for the win. The crowd once again went wild. Elias Ramirez, a Central senior, was heard shouting a loud “WHAMMY” to get the crowd even more riled up.

As the fourth set continued the Wolves pulled through, took the set, and the win. The student section rushed on the court congratulating and encouraging the Bay City Central Varsity Volleyball players on their first win.

As the game concluded, Maggie Pitcher, three year varsity player said “I think we played really well as a team. We came together and worked hard to win. Everyone was focused and dialed in on the game. Our first win of the season had the team and I very excited for the future of the season.”

Pictured: Bay City Central's Varsity Volleyball Team    

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