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Bay City Central High School

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Bay City Central High School

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3.0 years ago by Matt Reid

BCC Volleyball vs John Glenn by Megan Groulx


     Bump, set, spike. The Bay City Central Girls Varsity Volleyball Team took on the John Glenn Bobcats last thursday at home. With loud fans and a hyped up team, the girls were fired up, and ready to take on one of their crosstown rivals.

    With many long lasting volleys between the two teams, and Central leading the way most of the game, the girls fought a strong battle to the score of 27 before Glenn finally won the first game by two.

     That’s not where the Bay City girls would stop though. Many crazy hits from Skylar Coberley were fired, including one that went over the net and blasted one of Glenn’s girls in the face. With a comeback game, the girls were now tied with their Glenn opponents.

     The next two games were easily won by the central girls, with many good plays by Maggie Pitcher, Molly Pitcher, Haley Such, and Makayla Roberts. Central came out on top with a 4-1 win over Glenn.

     With one remaining game left in the regular season, the season doesn’t look like it’s ending very soon. With a very strong, but young varsity volleyball team here at Central, we are all very excited for the upcoming games and future seasons.


Pictured: Molly Pitcher  and Maggie Pitcher

Picture Credits: Maggie Pitcher